Daisy Edgerton

Daisy Edgerton là một trong những người ở nhà thờ đã bảo trợ gia đình tôi. Bà thường đến thăm hỏi chúng tôi. Cái tình cảm nhân loại từ lúc đầu đã trở thành một tình bạn lâu dài. Daisy mới vừa qua đời. Mấy năm nay, Daisy bị bệnh, và một người bạn khác, Jennifer, đã giúp bà trong việc thư từ liên lạc. Đây là lá thư mùa Giáng Sinh năm ngoái. Lá thư cuối cùng của Daisy.  

Chúng tôi có gửi một lá thư viết riêng cho Daisy trong buổi lễ tưởng niệm đến bà.  

Đến một lúc nào đó ai cũng phải ra đi thôi.

My name is Van Au. I am the second daughter of the Au family. My family resettled in Indianapolis under the Downey Christian Church refuge sponsorship in December 17th, 1980.

Daisy Edgerton was one of the members who regularly visited our house on Ritter Avenue. I remembered at that time Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, Loisanne Buchannan, Marylyne, Marj, Itoko and also other members would often stop by to make sure we were doing good. Daisy sometimes took us on road trips. It was when I learned what the abbreviation of MPH stands for.

In 1986 we left Indiana and moved to California. Though the distance is long we continued to keep in touch.  We came back to see Daisy and other members from time to time. Our friendship lasted over 35 years.

When we talked about Daisy we talked about her strong voice, the twinkle in her eyes, her assurance and her sense of humor. Almost at the end of a story that we shared with her she always tried to bring up a positive note. She concluded with a lesson learned and a laugh. She was witty. One time, she explained to us that the reason she put a plastic yellow daisy on the top window of her blue car is that she would be able to find it easily from the parking lot. When Daisy had a brain aneurysm and moved to the facility, we visited her, and we placed a plastic yellow daisy at her room window.

We are very fortunate that we had Downey Christ Church sponsor us to come here to Indianapolis. We are also very fortunate to know Daisy and other members who had worked with us during the early years. Their friendship made our life richer. Life has many unexpected turns. We would never have thought of living in this beautiful country and had such a long lasting friendship such as ours with Daisy. And we will carry that fond memory with us to the end.

We are saying goodbye to our good friend Daisy Edgerton with a lot of love and appreciation.

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